Seminar and Workshop Testimonials

A Sample of Testimonials from recent seminars and workshops:

“The information in this seminar is invaluable.” T. Hussain, Sychem Inc.

“Eloise chose a specific topic to focus on which was relevant to every business. Her examples covered both product and service based businesses. Excellent presentation and very relevant”, S. Quinn, Quinn Law

“Very informative and well presented. Even if you have a business background it is a great crash refresher course.” N. Dubick, Spruce Inc.

“Very awakening to your business operations.”  D.S.

“Very glad I came. It was more specifically useful that I expected. Now I can walk out the door and use it.” R. Raizell Frankel.

“Excellent resources, up to date examples to reinforce tips and concepts provided. Excellent and effective presentation skills with current examples to reinforce concepts taught.” M. Fenuta, Passionately Inspired Solutions Inc.

“Very informative and a real eye opener to my business.” L. Hansen,The Lunch Lady.

“Eloise is a confident and poised presenter. She talks the talk and then explains and engages so that, by the end, you “Get It” too. J. Wroblewski

 “Thank you Eloise, your presentation was inspiring.”  S.M.

“I wanted to thank you for doing that short seminar on “Living Above the Line”. I found it not only informational but also highly motivating.  You have an amazing ability to coach and lead.” R. Arora

“The seminar was very informative. Eloise was knowledgeable and gave a dynamic and entertaining seminar.” C. Ngai, Be Well Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center.

 “ Well presented and very enthusiastic. Great Knowledge base. Very valuable insight into the needs of small business and how to develop a strategy to connect with small business.”  R. Harper WSIB

“I want to thank you so very much for taking the time to come out here and speak to our employees at Citi. Your presentation was very impressive and people loved it. I have received lot of positive feedback from the staff.” R. Pawar, CITI Bank.

“It’s a valuable seminar to evaluate your business actual cash flow”. C. Chiarenza, Northridge

“Excellent presentation and I would strongly recommend it to other clients.” D. Clarke, RBC

“Eloise is an excellent speaker who fully engages her audience. I received positive feedback from everyone..” S. Gergely, Mortgage Broker

“Your presentation exceeds my expectations.” B Chong, Mortgage Intelligence

“It is really helpful in coming up with key points to focus on.” R. St-Germain, Cannington Construction.