Do you want personal attention and customized solutions for your business?

EPC Group offers consulting services to help you and your organization get realigned, refocused, and re-energized.

Lack Focus and Direction?

We can help you create a Strategic Plan that aligns with your vision and goals to create an organization poised to succeed now and into the future.  We help you build a plan that can be cascaded down throughout your business, with critical success factors, accountability and most importantly – actionable steps.

Ineffective Leadership?

We can help you develop leaders who can lead their organizations to sustainable success and get their people to embrace change to move the business forward.  We teach how leaders today must be able to create, engage and empower their organizations.

Employee resistance?

We can help you build teams that anticipate and meet today’s and tomorrow’s organizational opportunities. We help you build teams that are engaged, empowered and accountable to move your business forward.

Ineffective Selling?

We can help you increase your sales profitability and reach. From prospecting to closing, understanding and addressing each element in your sales cycle with a focus on building value to maximize your sales force effectiveness and increase your profitability.

Low Customer Retention and Profitability?

 We can help you create a customer centric organization focused on retention and profits. We help creating a culture that is focused on satisfying the customer increasing sales and profitability with lower acquisition costs and increased retention.

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